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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: "The Wind Blows Free"
Original air date: 15 October 1971
Writer: Cyril Abraham
James Onedin is an ambitious, headstrong sea captain working for the Callon Line. Upon returning to Liverpool in 1860, he is denied a bonus by his employer, Thomas Callon, because a portion of the cargo has been lost. Upon seeing a notice offering the old schooner Charlotte Rhodes for sale, James decides to set up his own shipping company. Unfortunately, his cautious brother Robert, who has inherited their father's chandler's shop while he was away, refuses to put up any capital.

James calls on Captain Webster to inquire about the Charlotte Rhodes. Webster rejects James' low offer (his life savings), but his plain spinster daughter, Ann, who deftly manages her cantankerous and drunken father, is concerned about her future. She makes James a counteroffer: the ship as dowry. Anne Webster is significantly older than James, at a time when single women had barely any rights. He offers her an interest in the company, but she insists on the protection that only marriage can bring. He is surprised, but, after some thought, accepts.

He persuades Robert to enter into a partnership (and a equal share of the profits of the first voyage) by giving him all his money. When Ann objects, James explains in private that he is not doing his brother any favor. The money will not last long, and while he is at sea, Robert will have to fend off the creditors and families of his crew.

James Onedin sails to Portugal to see a wine merchant and longtime Callon client, Senhor Braganza. Mr. Callon guesses what he is up to and reaches Braganza first, offering to lower his shipping rate to secure a new contract. However, James Onedin makes a daring proposal, to deliver Braganza's wine for free provided he is given a monopoly on returning the wine barrels, which are worth more than the wine itself. Braganza agrees.
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