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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: Salvage
Original air date: 19 November 1971
Writer: Michael J Bird
With James and Robert Onedin now aware of Elizabeth's condition, they insist that she reconcile with Fogarty and marry him without delay. Upon Fogarty's return from a sea voyage, they inform him of the situation. However, he insists on consulting Elizabeth. Elizabeth stubbornly refuses to be pressured into marriage.

James faces ruin when the Charlotte Rhodes, under Baines' command, is abandoned by her crew six miles from shore due a fire in the forward hold. Edmund Callon suggests to his father taking their fastest ship to claim her and her cargo for salvage. James Onedin faces ruin - he did not insure the vessel for this trip - and asks Albert Frazer if his untested steam-powered ship could get there first. Despite a temporary breakdown, they do reach the Charlotte Rhodes first, put out the smoldering fire and bring the ship into port.
Text source: Wikipedia
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