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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: Shadow of Doubt
Original air date:
Writer: Cyril Abraham
Mr. Callon offers Daniel a 'shore job', taking over several of his own duties, as marine superintendent. On the first birthday of Elizabeth and Albert's son William, Robert Onedin accidentally reveals that Daniel Fogarty is the father. James Onedin takes emigrants to Quebec, for 5 a head (food included, since they are by law no longer allowed to take their own). Robert puts some poor relatives on the ship for free, pointing out a clause in the articles of association (which James himself put in there), that family of company owners are always granted free passage on Onedin Line ships. These relatives, however, have small pox, for which there is no cure. Anne insists they return, but James Onedin points out that if they go back they will be put in quarantine for up to three weeks, during which they will not receive any aid (even food or water) from shore, causing even more misery, whereas if they go on and the couple survive, their scars will have time to heal before they reach Canada. Of course he would have to falsify the ship's logs. To which Anne also objects, causing James Onedin to sigh that if she doesn't stop playing the part of his conscience, it will one day bring them to the poor house.
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