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Peter Gilmore as James Onedin and Anne Stallybrass as Anne Webster in the BBC series The Onedin Line Welcome to our website

The Onedin Line broadcasts dates

Originally screened as a one-off BBC Drama Playhouse production transmitted on the 7 December 1970, it was announced in September 2010 that the recording - previously lost - was discovered in the American Library of Congress. The story and the cast were basically the same (with the exception of Sheila Allen, who played Anne Webster/Onedin; Anne Stallybrass took over the part for the series.

The Onedin Line was originally aired in the UK by the BBC, from 15 October 1971 to 26 October 1980. In the Netherlands, The Onedin Line broadcasts started in 1972. In the mid 80's, the BBC reran the series in a daytime slot. In 2007, MAX restarted a broadcast of the first series, with one episode every workday (Monday through Friday), starting 10 July 2007. As of mid-August, it is uncertain whether they will also show the other series.

The UK digital channel Yesterday was running the whole series from 27 July 2010, starting 4 PM (Monday through Friday) and repeated at 7 PM, also showing an hour later on Yesterday +1. As with many of the vintage series run by the channel, the episodes are slightly cut, from the c.50m length standard in the 1970s to the c.46m standard on Yesterday.

The Onedin Line series was originally aired in the UK by the BBC, from 15 October 1971 to 26th October 1980.
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